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Teach Pilates - Seminar
Program Intro
Reformer 1 Seminar

How Teach Pilates works

Learning Platform

Whether you sign up for our Online or Seminar route, you will have permanent access to our extensive online learning platform.

The platform is built for you, with each module consisting of PDFs and videos per exercise. Teaching hours, practice hours and observation hours are logged in the platform.
Written assessments can be uploaded for the mentors to mark up.

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Flexible Learning

Become a recognised Classical Pilates teacher - Your Way. Not only choose between the Online route or the Seminar route, but also choose to complete an individual module, multiple modules or go for the full comprehensive certificate.

Teach Pilates - Reformer - Short Spine


Online Route

Graduation of each module depends on the module but varies between 8 to 12 weeks after starting. A module should be completed within 6 months of the start date.


Full certificate graduation should be within 2 years of the start date.

Explore the Online Route

Seminar Route

You will have access to the online platform before you start the seminars. Each seminar will be taught at least once a year.


After each Seminar module, aim for graduation between 8 - 12 weeks. A module should be completed within 6 months of the start date


Aim for graduation for the full certificate within 2 years of attending your first seminar.



All students must have access to the equipment of their chosen modules and are expected to achieve a certain number of practice hours and teaching experience on the apparatus. There are different ways to access equipment. Below are some options.

Option A - The Local Studio

Find a local Pilates studio with the required apparatus and gain permission to practice.
In regard to observation hours, only classical teachers should be observed in order to avoid any confusion from the curriculum.

Option B - Our Studios

Join us in our studios in Arrowtown or Nelson to practice the exercises on the equipment, practice teaching, observe teaching and have lessons.

Option C - Independent

You have your own equipment and people to practice teaching.



For each module you are required to pass a practical and written assessment. For the full certificate all module assessments are to be gained plus the final Full Studio module.

Practical Assessment

Written Assessment

You will demonstrate your capabilities as a teacher in a practical assessment. We want to see that you know the order, know the technicalities and are able to teach safely and efficiently. You will need to complete one practical assessment per module.

You will demonstrate that you can ‘read the body’ in front of you. It is not just about teaching the order and knowing the apparatus but about seeing what your client needs. Module course participants complete one written assessment per module, full certificate participants complete nine in total.

Teach Pilates - Reformer - Long Back Stretch



For each successfully passed module you will get a module certificate.

Full Certificate

To gain the full certificate and become a fully comprehensive Classical Pilates teacher you will successfully pass the eight apparatus modules, the Full Studio module and the Anatomy module.


Not all participants will want to undertake full certification although we highly recommend you do.


The Teach Pilates program is delivered to you by Lisa Taylor and Marco Dingemans who both have a direct lineage to Joseph Pilates teachings and have many years of study and experience between them.


It is this, plus the high quality of our program that makes it an accepted and respected Classical Pilates teacher training program.

Our goal is to have our program accredited by the New Zealand Pilates body Pilates Aotearoa in 2024.

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

Teach Pilates takes health & safety very seriously. We break this down into client safety, equipment safety and facility safety.


You will learn how to teach the exercises safely and how to move the client and yourself safely through the exercises and within the studio. This includes where and how to stand, how to support a client with your hands and body, and what to instruct clients when using the apparatus.

The anatomy module is required to be completed for the full comprehensive certificate. For those learning individual modules, we highly recommend that the anatomy module is completed. We also recommend a first aid certificate is obtained before you start teaching.


You will learn how the various apparatus work and how to change its settings. You will learn how to keep the equipment in good condition and what to look out for to keep it well maintained and most importantly safe.


Both studios have a current and legally binding Health & Safety plan which describes, among others, potential hazards and how they are being addressed. Apprentices that start teaching in the studios are obliged to adhere to all instructions described in this facility Health & Safety plan.

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