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About Intro


Teach Pilates is founded by Lisa Taylor and Marco Dingemans. Both classically trained, we have completed rigorous training in the UK, Australia and in New Zealand. We have worked in the industry for 10+ years, mentored apprentices and most importantly we know what it means to sign up for a teacher training program.


We recognised there was a barrier for many people that had the desire to become a Pilates teacher, and actually being able to undertake and complete a high quality training program. That barrier was a lack of flexibility. Our program is designed to break down the barrier and offer high quality training in a way that is achievable and affordable.


Join Teach Pilates - Classical Training and join the community of excellent classical Pilates teachers across the world.

Teach Pilates - Mat - Hundred
Teach Pilates - Reformer - Stomach Massage
Teach Pilates - Mat - Single Leg Kick
Teach Pilates Director - Lisa Taylor

Lisa Taylor

Studio Director Connect Centre, Nelson

Lisa is the owner and principal teacher of Classical Pilates Studio Connect Centre Pilates in Nelson, New Zealand.

Lisa started her Pilates journey in London and trained with one of the global leaders of the Classical Pilates world, Holly Murray - owner of Pi Studios. Holly was trained by Romana Krysnakowsky, making Lisa a third generation teacher.


Lisa moved to New Zealand in 2017 and taught at True Pilates in Auckland before relocating to the Nelson region where she opened her studio Connect Centre Pilates.


Lisa's passion is to support and guide people to feel freedom and strength in their bodies in a non-judgmental environment, and to live a fuller life with access to more movement, agility, strength and confidence

Teacher Trainers Lisa and Marco

Marco Dingemans

Studio Director Contrology Gymnasium, Arrowtown

Marco is the owner and principal teacher of Classical Pilates Studio Contrology Gymnasium in Arrowtown, New Zealand.


Marco started his Pilates journey in London and trained with globally recognised teacher-trainer Holly Murray before he moved to New Zealand in 2016.


In New Zealand he continued his training with Authentic Pilates Education International, guided by Olga Tamara in Sydney and Katie Agnew in Auckland.


Marco is also a board member of Pilates Aotearoa, the Pilates Association of New Zealand.

Marco Dingemans - Teach Pilates - Training Director
Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates

The Classical Pilates Method (originally known as ‘Contrology’) along with the Classical Pilates equipment, will strengthen and tone the entire body. The method describes corrective exercises that emphasise the core muscles, otherwise known as the ‘powerhouse'. 
The movements are flowing, precise and challenging, and build a ‘mind-body-spirit' connection that translates into one’s daily activities and improves quality of life.


Joseph Pilates created his system to work holistically and mindfully, with each piece of apparatus complementing the others. Just as working on Mat exercises improves your ability on the Reformer, training on the Wunda Chair will up your Reformer game.


The bulk of the Contrology workout is done on the Universal Reformer and the Classical Mat. The other pieces of Pilates equipment were created in order to be able to do those well, and to address specific body and movement challenges.

The Method

Joseph Pilates created a system where all the apparatus and the exercises in The Method are intrinsically linked to each other. However we recognise that not everyone is able or desiring to learn the whole Method and might want to break it up in modules.


To be recognised by studios around the world as a full comprehensively trained classical teacher you are required to study all apparatus. If you choose to do one or a few modules, you can still set up your own studio / classes or be hired by Pilates studios around the country. The more qualified you are, the more likely you are to be hired by fully equipped studios.

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