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Mat 1 Seminar

Learn to teach Pilates, your way

Teach Pilates offers high-quality and accessible Classical Pilates teacher training in a flexible way, to suit you. It is the only Classical Pilates teacher training program in New Zealand presenting two learning routes: Online and Seminar (a combination of in-person and online).​


Learn an individual module or complete the full comprehensive curriculum, in person or online. Have access to an interactive learning platform, receive ongoing support from your mentors and fit the program around your lifestyle and commitments.


Are you looking to....

  • Become a confident Pilates teacher on the Reformer, the Mat or all the apparatus?

  • Change your career path to a rewarding, meaningful & fun vocation?

  • Set up your own studio and create a successful business?

  • Improve your Pilates practice and deepen your knowledge of the Pilates method?


Teacher Choice

I want to become a..

Fully comprehensive teacher

Learn to teach Pilates, your way



Two distinctive ways of learning

Online route

Want more flexibility around your learning? Choose our unique Online Route with permanent access to our learning platform. Watch exercise videos, download PDFs and upload your assessments. Feel supported the whole way through with regular 1-2-1 mentorship meetings.

Seminar route

Want to join in-person trainings and learn together with other apprentices? Choose our premium Seminar Route with scheduled in-person seminars per module.
Plus enjoy the flexibility offered by the on-line route including access to the online learning platform.

Teach Pilates - Reformer - Short Spine


Choose apparatus groups

Mat 1

Beginners / Intermediate Classical Mat

Mat 2

Intermediate / Advanced Classical Mat

Reformer 1

Beginners / Intermediate Classical Reformer

Reformer 2

Intermediate / Advanced Classical Reformer


High Chair and Wanda Chair


Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Small Barrel


Classical Cadillac and Tower

Additional Apparatus

Ped-o-Pull, Magic Circle, Small Weights and the Wall

Full Studio

For Comprehensive Certificate, linking the apparatus, teaching the body in front of you and how to plan the client’s session.


For Comprehensive Certificate, an Anatomy Course is compulsory. For module based learning Anatomy is recommended.

Why choose Teach Pilates

Why choose Teach Pilates?

  • Learn to teach Pilates your way

  • Become a highly sought after Pilates Teacher

  • Learn the classical exercises and teach with correct technique and confidence

  • Choose our Online or Seminar route both with access to our extensive learning platform

  • Finish each module with a written and practical assessment, with the option to continue for the full certificate

  • Join a globally recognised training system

Are you ready?
Reformer 1 Seminar
Mat 1 Seminar
Reformer 1 Seminar
Mat 1 Seminar
Chair Seminar
Marco and Lisa

Are you ready to start your Pilates Teacher journey?

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