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Teach Pilates - Reformer - Backstroke

200 Hour Teaching Course | 3 Apparatus

Mat - Reformer - Tower

Embark on a transformative journey with our 3 apparatus Pilates Teacher Training 200 hour course. The Classical Mat, Reformer and Tower are the bedrock of the Pilates System.


This course is especially designed for you to set up and teach in your own home studio and is the gateway to being a Fully Comprehensive Pilates Teacher.

Teach Pilates - Cadillac - Tower


Module 1: Mat Magic

Dive into the fundamentals of the Mat 1 module, where you'll be laying the groundwork for a solid Pilates practice. Learn the principles of Pilates, the original exercises, effective cueing and teaching techniques.

Our expert teacher trainers will guide you through the nuances of Mat Pilates, setting the stage for a strong teaching foundation. 


Module 2: Reformer Revelation

March into the Reformer 1 module and unlock the secrets of this transformative apparatus. Elevate your skills as you explore the dynamic order of the Reformer and how it links to the Mat exercises. You will learn to move your client efficiently and safely. Our hands-on approach ensures you grasp the art of the Reformer with finesse, ready to share with future clients in your home studio.


Module 3: Tower Transformation

Round off your training with the Tower module, where you'll discover the third element that will elevate your knowledge of the Pilates system and your home studio offering. Explore the versatility and sophistication of this apparatus as you delve into a range of exercises using a variety of bars and springs, and learn how to tailor workouts for a diverse clientele. Teaching the Tower makes you stand out in the world of Pilates teaching.

Why Choose The Three Apparatus Teaching Course?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our meticulously crafted curriculum covers the Mat, Reformer and Tower, learning the original orders and exercises so you can offer your client a dynamic and immersive experience of the Pilates Method.

Confident Teaching

Learn how to teach efficiently and safely, how to modify and offer variations to challenge and support your client, ensuring you become a confident, well-rounded teacher, set up for success.

Expert Instruction

Learn from third-generation Classical Pilates teachers, who are passionate about sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Supportive Community

Join our group of enthusiastic apprentices, fostering connections that extend beyond the training course.

200 Hour Course

Upon completion of the 200-hour course, you'll be able to set up a Pilates home studio, setting you apart as a distinguished Pilates teacher.

Teach Pilates - Mat - Corkscrew

Mat 1

Seminar: 24 / 25 February

Teach Pilates - Reformer - One Leg Elephant

Reformer 1

Seminar: 23 / 24 March

Teach Pilates - Cadillac - Tower_edited.jpg


Seminar: 13 April

Course Price: $2,500
Training Hours Required: 200

Your Pilates Teaching Journey Starts Here

Secure your spot in the Teach Pilates - Three Apparatus Training course

and be ready to open your Pilates home studio and start transforming lives through Pilates.


Unleash your potential, sculpt your future, and embrace the art of teaching the Pilates Method with confidence.

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